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SVH 2025

Southrop Village Hall's Upgrade Project for 2025

In 2017 the Southrop Village Hall Committee embarked on the SVH 2025 project to implement a number of important upgrades to the hall in order to bring it up to a standard for continued use up to and beyond its 70th Anniversary in January 2025.

Improvements have included upgraded electrics including modern lighting and efficient heating, much improved insulation, new windows, repairs to the roof and much more; see our full prioritized list below.  To begin, we had the trees trimmed back, gave the interior of the hall a lick of paint, provided new glassware and a new swing in the playpark.  2017 saw the implementation of Stage 1 of SVH 2025 - the 8 big old windows along the front and one side of the hall were replaced with modern aluminium, thermally efficient, double-glazed windows. The summer of 2018 saw roof repairs to the two end extensions.  In 2019 we completed some of the necessary electrical work including a full safety inspection and repaired the stage curtain ropes among other tasks.  A major upgrade of the heating, lighting, a new suspended ceiling, with additional insulation over, was completed by November 2019 for which we thank Southrop Parish Council for their brilliant funding support.  In February 2020 a new Audio-Visual System with Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity was installed including a modern projector, electrically-operated movie screen, a PA system and an Induction Loop system to help those with hearing aids.

Our next priorities are to modernise the play park and extend the hall to enable an enlarged clubroom instead of the old Committee Room, a permanent bar installation allowing service to either the main hall, the club room or both, to provide modern toilets and to enable a better use of storage space in other parts of the building.  It may also be possible to upgrade the Shop and Post Office and to provide a separate archive/reading room.  At present (November 2020) we are refining our ideas and plans in order to have a public consultation prior to a planning application and revitalised fund-raising efforts.

SVH 2025 requires substantial funding and our  efforts have raised around £25,000 so far since Dec 2016, including a £10,000 grant from Southrop Parish Council in 2019/20 FY.  Other grants have been applied for.  Please support us by attending any of our fund-raising events or by making a donation.

Here is our full list of jobs to be completed; if you have any ideas about other improvements, please contact any member of the Committee.

Self-help/Working Party Tasks
1 Lick of Paint  laugh
2 Weed car parkfrown
3 Re-gravel car park
4 Roof repairs to porch and shop laugh
5 Floor: clean/sand/revarnish/polish
6 Re-equip the hall as necessary with:
7   Tables
8   Chairslaugh
9   Crockery
10  Cutlery
11   Glasseslaugh
12   Curtains/blindslaugh
13   Repair gutters, woodwork, downpipes etc ( laughmostly done in 2018, in conjunction with roof repairs)
14   Stage Equipment
15   Games tables
16   Dishwasher
17 Make good and redecorate after other works (ongoing)

High Priority Contractor Tasks
18 Treeslaugh
19 Replace main hall windowslaugh
20 Replace remaining windows
21 Electrics:
22   New supply boxeslaugh
23   New consumer unit laugh
24   New lighting  laugh
25   New Heating laugh
26   New controls laugh
27   New wiring as necessary laugh
28 Ceiling and insulation upgrade laugh
29 Draught-proofing
30 Inspection of drains
31 Drains/septic tank repairs if necessary

Medium priority contractor tasks
32 Remove wall, refurbish shop and PO area
33 Extend rear of hall to provide:
34   New improved toilets
35   Better store room
36   Enlarged Committee room
37 Improve pavements, disabled access

Lower priority tasks, as and when affordable
38 New stage lighting tracks, lamps, controls
39 New Audio-Visual system laugh
40 Induction Loop systemlaugh
42 Provide broadband internet connection and WiFi smiley