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Jubilee Close

In 1938 Capt. Alan Richardson (of Southrop Manor) gave the field - then known as Faulkner's Ground - to Southrop village as a public recreation ground on the condition that his charitable gift be looked after by two trustees (the first being Mr Robert Hinton and Mr Albert Dawes) and that a Management Committee be set up to maintain the field for the continuing benefit of the public.

On 18th March 1939 a conveyance was signed by the aforementioned persons, the field renamed Jubilee Close and the Jubilee Close Charitable Trust established. When Mrs Molly Richardson died she left £5,000 to the Trust. The conveyance relating to the Trust designated that the field be used 'as open grounds for the resort and recreation of adults and as playgrounds for children and youth' and that 'use of the field for such recreational activities shall not prejudice or detract from its future use as a viable community facility and open space'. It also stated that the field should be kept and maintained free from litter and waste with its borders and fences secure, in good order and with the grass cut regularly. Specific other restrictions as to the use of the field are set out in the conveyance document.

The current trustees are Dr. Leonard Brookes and Mr Jeremy Hibbert. Other committee members include Mel Sims, Bob Gowland and Andy Howarth.  All are Southrop residents.  Jubilee Close is now mainly used as a sports ground by Southrop Primary School and other individual sporting groups.

Jubilee Close is the perfect birthday party and sports venue.  There’s a pavilion with a fully equipped kitchen, tables, chairs and two large group-changing rooms complete with showers.  The field has a football pitch with two large goals and two smaller goals for junior football.  There’s also a long jump and athletics area, and plenty of space to erect a marquee if required.

For more information on booking Jubilee Close, please contact Andy Howarth on 01367 850400
or email: